US troops Breaking into the Agricultural Department in Baghdad-Dora without Permission


On Friday December 8 2006, at 11:00 am, the American forces and the national guards entered the Agricultural Department in the city of Al-Dora without permission. They arrested the security personnel, beat them up, broke the doors and the windows of the department and its properties, they tied the department’s guard and left him in the garden of the department. They did all these under the pretext of an alleged report of terrorists existing inside the department.

    Nevertheless, when one of the department staff was threatened to death by an armed group on the following day, and had been asked to leave the office; the local authorities and the US troops did not take any action when they were needed.

This report was forwarded by in a report by the services’ union and agricultural workers’ committee, both affiliates of the Federation of Workers’ Councils and unions in Iraq.


Workers’ media centre

December 19, 2006