Iraqi Railroad Workers Boycott Supplies to U.S. Military


Iraqi democrats against ocupation IDAO site published this news:

9 November, Iraqi Railway workers boycott supplies to US troops or forces belonging to US-appointed Allawi government. Employees of the National Iraqi Railways Company also declared that they will only agree to carry food supplies to the Iraqi people as part of the UN for food programme, and threatened national strike if forced to do otherwise. The Allawi government reacted by accusing the railway works of carrying civil disobedience. Meanwhile more than 40 Muslim clerics of the Shia and Sunni faiths have urged Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani to publically declare his opposition for Iraqi troops taking part in the attack on the people of Falluja.

 8 November, Al-Sadr movement, in a statement today, declared that the attack on Falluja is an attack on the whole of Iraq and called on members of the US-trained National Guard not to participate in the US occupiers assault on Falluja.