Update on US Strategy for Relief & Reconstruction in Iraq

Report to Congress  http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/legislative/1506_final101503.pdf    Pursuant to Section 1506 of the Emergency Wartime ...
Report to Congress

Pursuant to Section 1506 of the Emergency Wartime Supplemental
Appropriations Act,2003
(Public Law 108-11)


OCTOBER 14,2003
Section 1506 (b)of the Emergency Wartime Supplemental Appropriations Act,2003,
(117 STAT.580)provides:

(b)SUBSEQUENT REPORTS ? Not later than 90 days after the date of enactment of
this Act,and every 90 days thereafter until September 30,2004,the President shall
submit to the Committees on Appropriations a report that contains:
(1)A list of significant United States Government-funded activities related to
reconstruction in Iraq that,during the 90-day period ending 15 days prior to
the date the report is submitted to the Committees on Appropriations ?

(A)were initiated;or

(B)were completed.

(2)A list of the significant activities related to reconstruction in Iraq that the
President anticipates initiating during the 90-day period beginning on the date
the report is submitted to the Committees on Appropriations,including:

(A)Cost estimates for carrying out the proposed activities.

(B)The source of the funds that will be used to pay such costs.

(3)Updated strategies,if changes are proposed regarding matters included in the
reports required under subsection (a).

(4)An updated list of the financial pledges and contributions made by foreign
governments or international organizations to fund activities related to
humanitarian,governance and reconstruction assistance in Iraq.

The report that follows has four sections that correspond to the four specified categories
listed in section 1506(b).

The United States and its Coalition partners made a significant investment to liberate
Iraq.The Coalition,through the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA),is now
managing a process to rehabilitate and reconstruct key sectors and laying the groundwork
for Iraqis to take ownership of their future.There have been substantial accomplishments
to date.But more work ? and the additional funds of $20.3 billion requested in the
FY2004 supplemental appropriations ? is needed to put Iraq on the path to a secure

The vision for a sovereign,stable,prosperous and democratic Iraq continues to center on:

? A durable peace for a unified and stable country that provides effective and
representative government for the Iraqi people;

?New and protected freedoms and a growing market economy;and

? Effective security that does not pose a threat to neighbors or the international

The plan to achieve this vision continues to be built on four goals,as noted in the two
previous reports on U.S.strategy for relief and reconstruction in Iraq:

? Security ? establishing a secure environment for the Iraqi people and creating an
environment that supports relief and recovery activities;

? Essential Services ? achieving measurable improvement in the lives of the Iraqi
people by restoring basic services to an acceptable standard;

?Economy ? creating the conditions for economic growth;

?Governance ? enabling the transition to a legitimate,constitutional government.

A key objective to realize these goals is:

? International Cooperation ?expanding financial and military contributions from
international partners and organizations.

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