The president, in violation of the UN Charter, international law and world opinion, has gone to war against Iraq. The U.S. and Great Britain ...


The president, in violation of the UN Charter, international law and world opinion, has gone to war against Iraq. The U.S. and Great Britain have launched an invasion of Iraq. It is important we continue putting pressure anywhere we can to try to end this war. Here are some things we can all do:

1. Urge Congress to immediately act on House Joint Resolution 20 which repeals Congressional authority for war.

Background: The Kennedy/DeFazio HJ Resolution 20 to Repeal the Authorization for use of Military Force Against Iraq is held up in the Foreign Relations Committee and House International Affairs Committee. Senator Lugar from Indiana is the Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee. Senator Kennedy's office has recommended calls be made to support the resolution and ask for it to be released from committee for a vote.

A list of the members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and how to contact them can be found at

http://foreign.senate.gov/ (use the link for "Committees" and then "Foreign Relations.")

They are:

Senator Richard G. Lugar, Chairman – Indiana
Senator Chuck Hagel - Nebraska
Senator Lincoln Chafee - Rhode Island
Senator George Allen - Virginia
Senator Sam Brownback – Kansas
Senator Michael Enzi - Wyoming
Senator George Voinovich – Ohio
Senator Lamar Alexander - Tennesse
Senator Norm Coleman – Minnesota
Senator John Sununu - New Hampshire

A list of the members of the House International Relations Committee can be found at


They are:

Henry J. Hyde, Chairman - Illinois, 6th District
James A. Leach - Iowa, 2nd District
Tom Lantos - California, 12th District
Doug Bereuter - Nebraska, 1st District
Howard L. Berman - California, 28th District
Christopher H. Smith - New Jersey, 4th District
Gary L. Ackerman - New York, 5th District
Dan Burton - Indiana, 5th District
Eni F. H. Faleomavaega - American Samoa
Elton Gallegly - California, 24th District
Donald M. Payne - New Jersey, 10th District
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen - Florida, 18th District
Robert Menendez - New Jersey, 13th District
Cass Ballenger - North Carolina, 10th District
Sherrod Brown - Ohio, 13th District
Dana Rohrabacher - California, 46th District
Brad Sherman - California, 27th District
Edward R. Royce - California, 40th District
Robert Wexler - Florida, 19th District
Peter T. King - New York, 3rd District
Eliot L. Engel - New York, 17th District
Steve Chabot - Ohio, 1st District
William D. Delahunt - Massachusetts, 10th District
Amo Houghton - New York, 29th District
Gregory W. Meeks - New York, 6th District
John M. McHugh - New York, 23rd District
Barbara Lee - California, 9th District
Thomas G. Tancredo - Colorado, 6th District
Joseph Crowley - New York, 7th District
Ron Paul - Texas, 14th District
Joseph M. Hoeffel - Pennsylvania, 13th District
Nick Smith - Michigan, 7th District
Earl Blumenauer - Oregon, 3rd District
Joseph R. Pitts - Pennsylvania, 16th District
Shelley Berkley - Nevada, 1st District
Jeff Flake - Arizona, 6th District
Grace F. Napolitano - California, 38th District
Jo Ann Davis - Virginia, 1st District
Adam B. Schiff - California, 29th District
Mark Green - Wisconsin, 8th District
Diane E. Watson - California, 33rd District
Jerry Weller - Illinois, 11th District
Adam Smith - Washington, 9th District
Mike Pence - Indiana, 6th District
Betty McCollum - Minnesota, 4th District
Thaddeus G. McCotter - Michigan, 11th District
Chris Bell - Texas, 25th District
William J. Janklow - South Dakota, At Large
Katherine Harris - Florida, 13th District

2. Ask Union and Community leaders to call Senator John Kerry to pressure him to support the resolution NOW. He has so far refused to do so. Kennedy needs Kerry's support for this resolution.

Kerry can be reached at (202) 224-2742
E-mail: john_kerry@kerry.senate.gov

3. Then contact your local Congressional Representative to urge their support of House Joint Resolution 20, the companion to the Senate Bill. Let them know that their position on this issue will determine your decision at the polls in the next election.

You can find information on how to reach your representative at the following websites:

For the House of Representatives: http://www.house.gov/

For the U.S. Senate:


4. Call your International Union President to ask them to call Lugar to bring this resolution forward out of committee and to call John Sweeney to ask him to call Lugar. The AFL-CIO General Executive Council on February 27 adopted a resolution which said, in part –

We believe there may be times when we must stand alone and act unilaterally in defense of our national security. But, in the context of the global war on terrorism, the threat posed by Saddam Hussein deserves multilateral resolve, not unilateral action....

The president has not fulfilled his responsibility to make a compelling and coherent explanation to the American people and the world about the need for military action against Iraq at this time. America has always been a peace-loving nation, slow to take up arms and resolute in pursuit of diplomatic resolution to crises. This administration's actions are sadly eroding that reputation and the respect it accords us....

Our country and our families will be more secure if America is the respected leader of a broad coalition against terrorism, rather than isolated as a lone enforcer.....
We call upon the administration to pursue a broad global consensus to apply the maximum pressure on Iraq, ensuring that war, if it comes, will truly be a last resort, supported by both our allies and nations united.....

Consistent with this resolution, call upon John Sweeney to publicly condemn Bush's decision to flaunt the UN, violate the UN Charter and international law, and ignore international public opinion. Ask President Sweeney to call upon Congress to immediately adopt House/Senate Joint Resolution 20 to withdraw Congressional authorization for war.

John Sweeney:
815 16th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: (202) 637-5000
Fax: (202) 637-5058

Get the word out anyway you can to any lists you have. We can stop this war!

US LABOR AGAINST WAR: http://www.USLaborAgainstWar.org E-Mail: Info@USLaborAgainstWar.org

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