Iraq Reconstruction & Development


Some 44% of Iraqis received a monthly income of less than 100,000 Iraqi dinars ($85), or less than $2.7 a day, according to a study unveiled Sunday by the World Bank and the Iraqi Ministry of Planning, Dow Jones Newswires reports.

Here’s the study: Click Here.

The U.S. Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction has released two new reports. Both come before a big week next week, when the SIGIR quarterly report is due, as well as a much-hyped report documenting reconstruction and planning since prior to March 2003.

New SIGIR reports can be found in pdf form here:

The U.S. has Reduced its Funding for the Iraqi Security Forces, but Continued Support will Likely be Necessary

On-Site Assessment: Ramadi 132-Kilovolt Substation

Iraq claims it has settled the dispute with Kuwait Airways for $300 million. No confirmation from Kuwait yet, Middle East Economic Digest reports, and Kuwait Airways had claimed it was due $1.2 billion. If true it could lead to more agreements between the two countries. Iraq wants to reduce or eliminate the payments it is forced to make to Kuwait, following the early 1990s war. Iraq claims Kuwait’s award was too much and has been repaid. Five percent of Iraqi revenue is sent to a U.N. fund compensating victims of Saddam’s war. Kuwait Airways says Iraq stole airplanes and other equipment.