Help Us Bring the Real Voices of War to Your Union Brothers and Sisters


Are you a member of a labor union? Would you like to see your union members be better informed about the war in Iraq? Would you like to see your union take a stand against the war?  While unionists recognize that this war is being used to attack unions and destroy the social safety net, they may not want to publicly oppose the war if it seems to undermine support for the troops in combat.

US Labor Against the War is a national organization of over 125 affiliated labor organizations, including internationals, national, local and regional organizations.  We have a strong network of unionists and will be happy to assist you in any way we can.  Email with any requests or inquiries about speakers and events.  Join our ever-widening circle of anti-war activists in unions.

If so, please contact us and we will help you to arrange speakers from

      • Iraq Veterans Against the War
      • Military Families Speak Out
      • US Labor Against the War

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Invite speakers to meetings of local unions, stewards’ councils, district council meetings, union conferences or conventions, meetings of benefit reps, union employee assistance reps, and constituency organizations such as CLUW, LCLAA, CBTU, APALA and Pride at Work.
  • Let us participate in meetings in which you provide training to union reps on issues for which they may have to advise members, including those who have been called to serve, those returning from service, military families and those with children facing issues of enlistment.
  • Hold public events to attract rank and file members of several unions concerned with these issues.
  • Invite speakers to address your contract negotiating team to talk about the needs of vets and military families during and after military service.   

Do what you can to help stop this war!
Spread the anti-war movement in our unions!
Email -
1718 M Street NW, #153, Washington, DC 20036