Bridges To Peace Not Walls of Conflict, referred to the incoming Steering Committee with instruction to establish a task force to develop a plan for organizing discussion of the issues raised and a listserv to facilitate that discussion, and that any acti


Whereas, the occupation of Palestine by Israel in defiance of United Nations resolutions and generally recognized standards of international law is a disaster for Palestinian and Israeli working people, and is one of the greatest sources of instability and destabilization in the Middle East; and

Whereas, there can be no peace or real security for Israeli, Palestinian or working people throughout the entire region so long as the occupation continues, feeding the cycle of violence; and

Whereas, the conflict is fed by Israel’s unlawful occupation of Palestinian territory, the construction of an illegal separation wall surrounding the entire West Bank, permitting its citizens to seize Palestinian lands to build illegal settlements, use of the Israeli Defense Forces to protect those illegal settlements, demolition of family homes, assassinations, torture, random detentions and harassment, home invasions and the general lack of freedom provided by a network of walls, fences, closures, watch towers and checkpoints; and

Whereas, United States financial, political, diplomatic and military support for Israeli policies makes possible Israel’s continuing defiance of UN resolutions, and its violation of international law and of Palestinian human rights, while it perpetuates conflict, contributes to ongoing instability, and is a cause of popular anger toward the U.S. throughout the Middle East; and

Whereas, the working people of the United States are bankrolling the occupation through our tax dollars - $3-5 Billion annually or more than $15 Million dollars a day; our union pension funds and joint trusts have more than $5 billion invested in Israeli bonds that produce a lower return than is available from other securities and investments; and

Therefore be it resolved, that U.S. Labor Against the War should undertake education within the labor movement concerning the occupation of Palestine. We recommend divestiture beginning with our union pension funds and support the growing call for an end to US military & financial aid to Israel; and

Be it further resolved, that US Labor Against the War establish a labor delegation from the United States that would visit Palestine, meeting with leaders from the Labor, Faith & Community organizations as well as meeting with ordinary workers & farmers, and with Israeli opposition and labor organizations to better understand, document and bear witness to the reality and to establish deeper bonds of solidarity based on a better understanding of the situation. A committee should be established for this purpose; and 

Be it finally resolved, that we stand in solidarity with the workers of the entire region, encouraging dialogue and a de-escalation of the conflict. Working people must stand united against these injustices, designing a real “Roadmap for Peace” in the Middle East whereby the needs of working people for peace, jobs, justice & security for all can finally be realized.

An Injury to One is An Injury to All!