US, Saudi Arabia, Jordan arming Syria militants: Reporter

by Georges Malbrunot

Sat Nov 9, 2013 5:17AM


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A French reporter has provided details on how the US, Saudi Arabia and Jordan have been supplying tons of weapons to the militants operating inside Syria, Press TVreports.

Georges Malbrunot of Le Figaro newspaper revealed how the CIA is leading massive arms deliveries to the militants in Syria. 

“The Americans hold the key to these arms deliveries. Without them, they couldn’t happen. CIA agents lead convoys of arms deliveries joined by the Free Syrian Army and Jordanian secret services. The Saudis work behind the scene in charge of financing and arranging arms deliveries from eastern Europe to Jordan,” Malbrunot said. 

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and Saudi Arabia and Jordan have supplied about 600 tons of weapons in 2013 alone to the militants in Syria. 

Sources told Malbrunot that the weapons convoys are escorted by unmanned aircraft guided from a CIA-led command center in Jordan. 

The report runs counter to the US claim that it is opposed to arming the militants. 

Many believe that the arms transfers could plague the region for years. 

Meanwhile, a new report says Saudi Arabia is training foreign-backed militants in Syria as part of a new push to topple the government of President Bashar al-Assad. 

The kingdom has teamed up with Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, and France in adopting the new policy to bolster the militants in Syria, the Foreign Policy magazine reported. 

In May, Assad said militants from 29 different countries were operating in different parts of the country. 

According to statistics compiled by the United Nations, more than 100,000 people have been killed and millions of others displaced due to the unrest that erupted in Syria in March 2011.