Iraqi Journalists Protest


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In 2009 a big demonstration of journalists and news organizations in Iraq took place in Baghdad. They were protesting the repressive measures that the government and the occupation has imposed upon them.  Over the years of the occupation, many journalists have been physically attacked or even killed, while their equipment has been confiscated and their offices invaded. At the same time, foreign western journalists
have been given preferential treatment. All of this may explain why U.S. tv news consumers are getting a highly filtered view of what is really happening there. This video was made by Sana TV, a non-sectarian, pro-labor, pro-women's and student's  rights tv show. Sana TV has also experienced such repression as it has tried over
the years to accurately report on events there as they affect working people. Labor Beat presents this video for the first time to U.S. audiences, on cable tv and on the Internet. It has been edited to shorten its length. 26 min, with English subtitles.

Photo: Sana TV
Scene from Iraqi Journalists Protest

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