Useful Statistics About the War

lots of statistics concerning war costs    The WAR against IRAQ will cost 100 * to 2,000 # BILLION DOLLARS !#, depending on its course.    * without indirect and follow-up costs, Sources: * US Congressional Budget Office (CBO) 9/02, # ...
lots of statistics concerning war costs

The WAR against IRAQ will cost 100 * to 2,000 # BILLION DOLLARS !#, depending on its course.

* without indirect and follow-up costs, Sources: * US Congressional Budget Office (CBO) 9/02, # The American Academy of Arts & Sciences (AAAS) 12/02, Prof. William D. Nordhaus, Yale University 12/02

Even the lower sum of 100 BILLION DOLLARS is a lot of MONEY, e.g.

* 40% of the federal budget of Germany
* in 100 dollar notes piled up you would reach a height of 100 kilometers; this is equal to the distance between Frankfurt and Heidelberg or Hamburg and Bremen
* as much as a 6-number lottery win every day for 600 yrs
* 3 times what the US federal government spends on K-12 education
* more than 4 times the US international affairs budget
* 12 times the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) budget in the US

With that amount of money you could (in the US or UK)

* build 145,000 kindergartens (there is currently a shortage of 200,000 places for kids in Germany)
* secure health care coverage for all 11 million uninsured children in the US for 5 years
* finance preschool Head Start for over 14 million children in the US
* rebuild almost all schools in the US that need to be rebuilt
* pay student fees for 400,000 US students for 123 years; there are as many students from low income families who cannot afford to go to college
* provide affordable housing for 1,430,000 families in the US
* pay 1,900,000 elementary teachers in the US for 1 year
* pay 2,100,000 physicians or teachers for 1 year; by the way, in poor countries of this world 20 to 50 times as many people !
* pay 3,300,000 nurses, geriatric care or social workers for 1 year
* create 3,500,000 job training places for 3 years (or job creation schemes)
* send 280,000 peace workers for nonviolent conflict resolution for 10 years into former Yugoslavia or Israel & Palestine
* give 50 years of the charity money for humanitarian causes in Germany
* pay the whole German budget for health research for 66 years
* increase 180-fold the total amount of federal funds spent so far in Germany on solar technology
* fund peace research in Germany for 23,000 years

Alternatively, at WORLD level you could

* provide all children on earth with enough food, a basic medical care, primary education and clean water for 3 1/4 years !, according to UNICEF
* pay the entire UN budget (including peace enforcement and specialist organizations) for 13 years or cover the costs of all UN peace-keeping missions (in 1996) for 80 years; by the way, the USA hasn't paid its full dues to the United Nations for several years now
* finance the budget of UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) for 80 years or the budget of the WHO (World Health Organization) for 250 years
* fund the work of OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) for 540 years, or
* finance the work of Greenpeace International for 700 years

See the potential ?

Guess what percentage of money is being spent by the US on energy conservation and regenerative energies per year ?
Greg told me its 3 % = 3 billion dollars.

Guess what percentage of money is being spent by the US on international development aid ?

As usual, while billions are being wasted on WAR only millions are being invested in PEACE.

Now, what could be done with 2,000 BILLION DOLLARS, 20 TIMES the amount ?

* which by the way equals the federal budget of the USA !

Don't you think it is worthwhile to STAND UP against an (unjustified)


Together we can change the world !

What is the prize of one human life ? (thoughtful reflections for fans of statistics)

* What does it cost to kill one Iraqi in war ? - At most 1,000,000 dollars.
The United Nations expects at least 100,000 immediate dead and 400,000 dead in the aftermath of war,
500,000 wounded and at least 900,000 refugees, 3 million people suffering from severe hunger and thirst,
2 million severely malnourished children, and 2 million people without adequate shelter.
A British study by physicians (MEDACT) comes to similar conclusions.
The impact of a new war on Iraqi children has been assessed by medical experts recently.
Here is another confidential United Nations study on the impact of war in Iraq.
* What does it cost to help one child survive in poor countries ? - 100 dollars per year.
Therefore, with 100 billion dollars, up to 1 billion children could be helped to survive for one year !




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