Terms of Service

(AKA Community Etiquette/Rules of the Road)

This new website provides considerable opportunities for interactivity between USLAW and its supporters, and between supporters themselves.  This will be most evident once the Forums and Chat Rooms are activated (accessible from the "TALK" button).

Respect the community: In keeping with the objective of building a solidaristic and caring community of social justice advocates, USLAW expects participants (registered users) in its community to respect some basic ground rules that begin with the "Golden Rule" - treat others in a manner in which you would like to be treated.  With membership in the USLAW community comes a responsibility to foster mutual respect, solidarity, and comradeship - to build community.  With that in mind, there is conduct that is out-of-bounds.

1.      Mutual respect: Discuss, debate or criticize ideas without denigrating or personally attacking those who espouse them. Criticism, when appropriate, should be constructive, not derogatory, inflammatory, accusatory, demeaning or dismissive.


2.      Discourse should be respectful, not abusive.  Save your rants, diatribes and histrionics for the shower.  No personal insults, vitriol, or racist, sexist, homophobic, demeaning, abusive or threatening language. 


3.      No harassment off-line for things people say in the forums or chat rooms.


4.      Reply to the individual, not to the forum: If your comment is not intended for the community, respond to individuals off-site.  (Don't use "Reply All" or "Reply" to a list message.  Copy and paste the address of the individual into the "TO" field.)


5.      When in doubt, ask.  Don't circulate what someone posts outside this community without asking the author for permission. When reposting any content from the USLAW site, please include the site's URL (www.uslaboragainstwar.org) or the URL of the specific content you are sharing or referencing.


6.      Step forward/Step back: What makes for a rich discussion is a variety of thoughtful views.  For some people, public speaking - whether verbal or written - comes naturally.  For others, it does not.  If you notice that a few people (including you) are dominating the conversation, step back and make room for others.  If you are one of the quiet ones, recognize that your ideas are just as valuable as others' - but only if they are heard.  Take a step forward and contribute to the conversation.


7.      You don't need to respond to everything posted.  (See #6) If you agree (or disagree) with something that has been posted, respond with something more than "Me too!" or "That sucks!"  If you refrain from cluttering the conversation with content-less chatter, the ideas being expressed will be easier to hear and the exchange will be more meaningful and productive.  Enter the conversation when you have something of substance to contribute or a serious question pose.


8.      Stay on topic: Forums will be devoted to a specific issue or subject.  Stick to it and avoid the temptation to stray from the focus of the forum or thread of the conversation.


9.      Share responsibly: Has your computer ever been hacked or infected with a virus? That can be more than a simple inconvenience.  Frequently viruses or malware are placed in attachments or at the other end of a link to an infected site.  Everyone should have a good security suite that is updated automatically, but sadly not everyone does.  If you have a document to share, share responsibly. Put it in the cloud (on-line in Box, Dropbox, Google Docs, etc.) so that it can be read on the web rather than requiring that it be downloaded.  If a link you posted turns out to be trouble, alert the community so we don't spread it further.  If you donŝt want to lay out cash for commercial security software, you can install very good free alternatives. (Check it out.)


10.  This is not E-bay: No commercial promotions or for-profit sales. 


11.  The forum is not a bulletin board: If unrelated to the topic under discussion, make event announcements elsewhere.  Other organizations should not use this site to promote their own programs and activities. The site will provide an events calendar (available from the "ACT" button) for that purpose.


12.  Do you hate spam?  So do we.  So don't post any.


13.  No job postings or fundraising (unless for USLAW and its programs). (See #11.)


14.  Respect the moderator. The moderator's role is to keep the discussion moving forward in a constructive and productive way.  It's not an easy task, so cut the moderator some slack.

USLAW reserves the right to revoke posting privileges and user registration for flagrant abuse of this on-line community and these Terms of Service. Moderators may issue warnings, or suspend or revoke posting privileges for serious or repeated violations.  If you are uncertain about whether a submission might cross the line, send it to Forums@uslaboragainstwar.org or webmaster@uslaboragainstwar.org to request advice.


Privacy Policy


USLAW respects the privacy of its supporters.  It will not sell, rent or loan its lists to any other organization or use it for any other purposes.  On occasion, USLAW may send information on behalf of an allied organization, provided the content is compatible with USLAW's principles and mission. 

You may remove yourself or request to have your name removed at any time.