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The War is Not Over: Seeking Accountability and Reparations for the United States' Illegal War and Its Lasting Trauma A report prepared by the Center for Constitutional Rights for the Right to HealInitiative of the Federations of Workers Councils and Unions in Iraq, Iraq Veterans Aga... read more

Eleven years have passed since the United States invaded Iraq in an unprovoked, unnecessary, unconstitutional action that violated international law. Not long after the March 2003 military blunder began, journalist Tim Russert asked then-Sen. John Kerry, "Are you sorry you voted for t... read more

(Reuters) - When President Vladimir Putin signed a treaty this week annexing Crimea to great fanfare in the Kremlin and anger in the West, a trusted lieutenant was making his w... read more

3/25/14 7:06 PM EDT A senior defense appropriator suggested on Tuesday the Obama administration was considering a short-term extension in war funding to cover the last three months of the calendar year. Rep. Pete Visclosky of Indiana, the top Democrat on the House Defense Appropriations Subcommitt...
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Dear comrades in US. Millions of people in Iraq have been offended deeply, and insulted by the administration of your country - children, women, old men, poets, artists,  workers, students... By the heel of the occupation army, they stepped brutally on the schools, t... read more


Sunday, 23 March 2014 00:00Interview Tanks in the streets of Tehran, 1953. (Photo: Wikipedia) In Manufactured Crisis, investigative journalist Gareth Porter details the manipulation and fabrications that have accompanied the current Iranian nuclear situation. The main difference betw... read more

 Mar 24, 2014   After young and healthy Marine Matt Parker fought for his country in the Middle East, he mysteriously came down with tumors. Now, he finds himself without adequate help from the country he fought for. I've known Matt since he was a small ch... read more

Politics - DEFENSE | March 21, 2014, Friday // 15:48   A US F-16 fighter jet in the Polish air space prepares to land at the Air Base in Lask, central Poland, 14 March 2014. Photo: EPA/BGNES The US is preparing military exercises in Poland, said US ambass... read more

USLAW will play an active role at the 2014 Labor Notes Conference in Chicago, April 4-6.  In addition to its literature table, USLAW will conduct a Labor Against the Wars Caucus on Sunday morning from 9:00-10:30 and a Working for Global Labor Justice workshop on Sunday from 10:45 - 12:30... read more

Published on Monday, March 24, 2014  President Obama leaves the presidential limo upon arriving to attend the Nuclear Security summit in The Hague Monday. (Pool photo: Reuters)With 16,000 of the world's 17,000 nuclear bombs in the US and Russia, the US should certainly not be fanning... read more

More at The Real News Bio Dahr Jamail has written extensively about climate change as well as the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. He is a recipient of numerous awards, including the Martha Gellhorn Award for Journalism and the James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism. He is ... read more

[If slides don't open in Firefox, right click on image and copy URL. Open inChrome or Internet Explorer.] Introductory remarks by Professor Michael Zweig, Director of the Center for the Study of Working Class Life, executive board member, UUP Stony Brook Chapter and USLAW Co-convenor. Power Poin... read more

Uploaded on May 28, 2006 ( In the months before the war The Bush administration controlled headlines with political and diplomatic pressure, while Saddam Hussein strung along the weapons inspectors with the international media in tow. The American public rarely saw the Ira... read more

Published on Dec 22, 2013 For the people of Iraq, this year has become the deadliest since 2008, marred by a deepening sectarian divide and more innocent lives being lost as a result. RT's correspondent Lucy Kafanov reports from Iraq's Kirkuk. CHECK RT's project IRAQ 2013: A Year of Carnag... read more

From Congresswomen Barbara Lee FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMarch 19, 2014Contact: Carrie Adams (202) 225-2661 Washington, D.C. - On the 11th anniversary of the Iraq War, Congresswoman Lee released the following statement: "Eleven years ago, President Bush led our country into an unnecessary war of... read more

Resist! Occupy, Police abuse By Staff, www.wecopwatch.orgMarch 21st, 2014   Powered by Translate 6 Above: Occupy Oakland protester Scott Olsen, a former U.S. Marine and Iraq war veteran, lies on the street after being injured during a demonstration in Oakland,... read more

RESIST! WARS AND MILITARISM By David Swanson, www.warisacrime.orgMarch 21st, 2014 read more

Monday, March 17, 2014 Barack Obama has outlined a nuclear weapon expansion plan that beats Ronald Reagan's 'Star Wars' debacle in both dollars and dangers. The anti-nuclear movement spent much of the eighties resisting Ronald Reagan's new Cold War, and ... read more

The U.S. has treated Russia like a loser since the end of the Cold War. Jack F. Matlock Jr., ambassador to the U.S.S.R. from 1987 to 1991, is the author of "Reagan and Gorbachev: How the Cold War Ended." One afternoon in September 1987, Secretary of State George Shultz settled in a cha... read more

Full text of Putin's speech on Crimea Category: EU NewsPublished: 19 March 2014Written by News Desk March 18, 2014, The Kremlin, Moscow - PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA VLADIMIR PUTIN: Federation Council members, State Duma deputies, good afternoon.  Representatives... read more

j The Iraqi Marshes: Beauty and Civilization in Danger (English Version) from Michael Zweig on Vimeo. Download The Iraqi Marshes: Beauty and Civilization in Danger (English Version)  HD .MP4 file (960x540 / 150MB)  SD .MP4 file (640x360 / 54MB)  Original .MOV fi...
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International Peace Initiative for Syria Syrians coming from most diverse social, educational, political and national backgrounds have gathered on March 8th and 9th in the Castle of Schlaining, Austria, in the framework of an "All Sides C... read more

Mar 12, 2014 The European and American public are being systematically lied to about the Ukraine crisis.Sources & full transcript: us on our new Facebook page: read more

[NOTE: the background color and resolution on the graphic have been changed to improve readability.] BY LAUREN MLADENKA MARCH 12, 2014 VIEW ALL BLOG POSTS Share on facebookShare on twitterMore Sharing ServicesShare on emailShare on print Over the past two weeks, expe... read more

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMarch 19, 2014Contact: Carrie Adams (202) 225-2661 Congresswoman Lee Calls for Repeal of Iraq Authorization for Use of Military Force Washington, D.C. - On the 11th anniversary of the Iraq War, Congresswoman Lee released the following statement: "Eleven years ago,... read more

Sunday, 16 March 2014 10:10News Analysis (Image: Jared Rodriguez / Truthout)The Pentagon's current leadership and most on the House and Senate Armed Services Committees in Congress describe President Obama's 2015 defense budget request as painfully austere, if not dangerously inadequate.&n... read more

Flames emerge from a pipeline at Basra refinery in Iraq, March 1, 2014.  (photo by REUTERS/Essam Al-Sudani) Federalism challenges Arab oil producers The Arab oil industry has been going through an unprecedented, dangerous stage on the regional level since the occupation of Iraq in 20...< read more

Iraqi workers demonstrate support for internationally compliant trade union and labor laws, October 14, 2014. March 18, 2014 - The Iraqi ... read more

26 page summary of CPC 'Better Off' Budget proposal   8.8 MILLION JOBS BY 2017$4 TRILLION IN DEFICIT REDUCTION During our economy's best decades, Congress invested in the American workforce and every family was better off for it. But recent years have been dominated by growing inequa... read more

- March 16th 2014 There was another phone call today between Secretary of State Kerry and the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov. The call came after a strategy meeting on Ukraine in the White House. During the call Kerry agreed to Russian demands for a federalization of the Ukraine in which the feder... read more

March 17, 2014 On March 16, 2014, 83% of the Crimea's eligible voters have voted by 97% to secede from Ukraine and join Russia.  Simultaneously, negotiations between the European Union and IMF with the interim government in the Ukraine, brought to power by a Coup D'etat on February... read more

 The Center for International Policy The Hyper-political 2015 DoD Budget edited by Charles Knight & Carl Conetta  Reset Defense Bulletin 2014 Changes to national security policy in 2014 will unfold in the context of the extended drawdown ofU.S. military operations in Afghanistan, t... read more

Iraqis Take to the Streets, Call for Real Democracy t r u t h o u t, March 25, 2011  Iraqi street children sleep on the sidewalk. (Photo: David Bacon) The war in Iraq is supposedly over. The US administration says the occupation, which began on March 20 eight years ago,... read more

April 11, 2013 The street that your question describes as 'quiet' is actually silent only as a result of repression, especially after the protests of February 2011 when the authorities revealed their violence openly-using the army to clamp down on nonviolent protests and firing live... read more

Published on Tuesday, March 19, 2014 A group of U.S. veterans of the Iraq war and two Iraqi organizations are "demanding the right to heal" from the war that has not ended, demanding reparations for trauma and health effects from the war, and demanding the U.S. be held "accountable for its viol... read more

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, August 2005, pages 56-61 Human Rights Iraqi Union Leaders Declare U.S. Policy Counterproductive (Clockwise, front to back) Abed Sekhi and Adnan Rashed (IFTU), Falah Abood Umara and Hassan Juma'a Awad Al Asade (GUOW), and Falah Alw... read more

Wall Street Journal March 17, 2014 Alliance Against Maliki Government Develops After Armed Militants Overtook Fallujah   For Iraq, he was a decorated war hero, severely wounded in battle. As an officer for the Iraqi army, Brigadier General Mustafa Al Mashhadani fought against Iran in the 1980... read more

What the hell are the pundits and experts even arguing about? They're arguing in circles around Obama's very limited options. Photo Credit: March 15, 2014  |       If there is one thing the foreign polic...< read more

March 15, 2014 A dangerous situation continues to develop in Eastern Europe and Ukraine. With no solution in sight, there is major tension with potential for long-term instability and war.  Many protesters in the Ukraine's Maidan Square understandably are demanding democracy, clean gover... read more

The crisis in the Ukraine seems to grow in intensity and danger by the day.  As in every conflict involving global military powers, there is a great deal of information that is being circulated on the Internet and by both mainstream and alternative media, much of it confusing, incomplete, confl... read more

If this message does not format correctly, read it on the web HERE USLAW Statement on the Eleventh Anniversary of the Illegal U.S. Invasion of Iraq  We encourage all USLAW affiliates to post this statement on their websites, reproduce it in newsletters, and circula...
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2014 March 14 Dear Friends, Once again the U.S. establishment is promoting another violent coup d'átat as ademocratic uprising. Troops are moving, planes are flying, ships are advancing, warthreats are being thrown. The governments of NATO and their media point fingers atRus... read more

Uploaded on Dec 27, 2011 Watch trailer and support Occupy The Movie's Completion Funding Kickstarter Campaign at: read more

US fueled rise of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, McCain stands with Oleh Mar 7, 2014     Shortly before two synagogue attacks, the cancellation of a Holocaust Remembrance in Kiev, and attacks on Jews in Ukraine, US Senator John McCain stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the leader of one of... read more

  Uploaded on Sep 11, 2011 General Wesley Clark: Because I had been through the Pentagon right after 9/11. About ten days after 9/11, I went through the Pentagon and I saw Secretary Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz. I went downstairs just to say hello to some of the people on the... read more

Reluctance Crosses Party Lines    As Russian troops remain in Ukraine?s Crimea region and Crimea?s Parliament has set up a secession vote, Americans prefer the U.S. to not get too involved in the situation. By a roughly two-to-one margin (56% vs. 29%), the public says it is more important... read more

March 14, 2014 U.S. troops are likely to spend part of their remaining time in Afghanistan blowing up thousands of their own vehicles, the top commander said Thursday. The U.S. has been looking to sell about 4,000 worn out or damaged vehicles - MRAPs, Humvees, medium trucks and others &ndash... read more

New York Times (International Edition) March 14, 2014   President Obama has decided to get tough with Russia by imposing sanctions and increasing support for Ukraine's new government. This is a big mistake. This response is based on the same faulty logic that helped precipitate the crisis... read more

For one: The U.S. is planning to bring home the troops, but not all of them. March 13, 2014 American combat operations in Afghanistan officially conclude at year's end, but does that mean the war is totally over and all the troops are coming home? Not exactly. The post-2014 U.S. role in Afghanis... read more

1. The U.S. government, through Victoria Nuland, was caught interfering directly in Ukraine's politics. Her "fuck the EU" phone call demonstrates the high level of U.S. State Department involvement Our media focused largely on the negative PR caused by the "fuck the EU" comment, but skirted around ... read more March 13, 2014 I write about national security, especially its business dimensions. WASHINGTON - The interim prime minister of Ukraine was in Washington this week, and according to the New York Times, he was asking just one thing of U.S. leaders.  He said as a signatory to a 1994 t... read more

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BAGHDAD Sat Mar 8, 2014 1:37pm EST 1 1 OF 2. Iraqi Protesters hold a banner during a demonstration against the draft of the ''Al-Jafaari'' Personal Status Law during International Women's Day in Baghdad March 8, 2014. CREDIT: REUTERS/THAIER AL-SUDANI (... read more

Wall Street Journal March 10, 2014 Javad Zarif Says Target Date Still Reachable   TEHRAN, Iran - The Iranian foreign minister raised doubts about the West's commitment to resolving the nuclear standoff in a pointed message to visiting European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton.... read more

March 7, 2014 According to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel's February 24 speech, "We are repositioning to focus on the strategic challenges and opportunities that will define our future ..." How close does he come? This will be the first budget to fully embrace the transiti... read more

In an interview on The Daily Show, Rachel Maddow tells Jon Stewart why it's essential to tell the truth about Iraq. "If the case they made [about WMD's] wasn't really why they wanted to go, well why did they want to go? I mean 2 million Americans served there, more than 4,000 Americans died there,... read more

Co-Chairs Keith Ellison MN 5th Raúl Grijalva AZ 3rd Vice Chairs Judy Chu CA 27th David Cicilline RI 1st Michael Honda CA 17th Sheila Jackson-Lee TX 18th Jan Schakowsky IL 9th Whip Barbara Lee CA 13th Senate Member Bernie Sanders VT House Members Karen Bass CA 37th Xavier Becerr... read more

February 06, 2014 01:00 AM   F-16 fighter jet takes off. Washington During his Big Picture speech, President Barack Obama gave a major milestone short shrift. During the waning minutes of his State of the Union Address, he mentioned th... read more

Friday, 07 March 2014 10:11 From left: Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Undersecretary of Defense Robert Hale testify before the Senate Armed Services Committee regarding Pentagon budget requests, on Capitol Hill in Washingt... read more

03/10/2014 Weapons systems and other 'sensitive equipment' lost The U.S. Army lost $586.8 million in property between May 2012 and May 2013 due to ineffective procedures for processing and safeguarding retail and wholesale equipment at nine redistribution property assistance team (RPAT) yards in A... read more

March 7, 2014 Lt. Col. Daniel Davis reflects on the state of the Army as Afghanistan winds down. Image courtesy LTC Daniel Davis. Being right doesn't always feel like success, or victory. Sometimes being right means a lot of people are getting hurt, hospitals are swelling with patients, and ... read more

March 7, 2014 Researchers at Stony Brook University in New York have coined the term "Iraq-Afghanistan war lung injury" to describe respiratory symptoms developed by some veterans - and they have duplicated the problem in mice, using dust from Camp Victory in Baghdad. In an artic... read more

Despite the uproar over reductions to defense funding, less than 1 percent of the Pentagon's beefy $550 billion budget will be cut this year.    March 6, 2014     An aerial view of the Pentagon building in Washington, DC. (Reuters/Jason Reed) Thi... read more

Unarmed Ukrainian troops march on the Belbek airfield in Crimea to retake it from soldiers under Russian command. After a shouting match, the Ukrainians withdrew and some members of both sides played soccer together. March 4, 2014 - Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal -- Why, do ... read more

The external struggle to dominate Ukraine has put fascists in power and brought the country to the brink of conflict Wednesday 5 March 2014 15.30 EST Troops under Russian command fire weapons into the air in Lubimovka, Ukraine. Photograph: Sean Gallup/Getty Images Diplom... read more

March 6, 2014 Secretary Hagel claims that the fiscal year (FY) 2015 defense budget "matches our strategy to our resources ... Our updated defense strategy," that is. Updated because the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff memorably said the defense strategy could not be executed if... read more

March 07, 2014 Washington and Kabul have, for endless months, been performing a strange pas de deux over the issue of American withdrawal. Initially, the Obama administration insisted that if, by December 31, 2013, Afghan President Hamid Karzai didn't sign a bilateral security agreement t... read more

March 7, 2014 Written originally for The Huffington Post, March 6, 2014 The President's annual budget demonstrates whether our values are driving our national choices. Are we going to continue to give extra tax breaks worth billions to hot shots in the finance industry or re-direct tax h... read more

Tuesday, March 4, 2014By: NIAC Press Release NIAC has serious concerns with the language in the Senate letter regarding demands for a final deal and will oppose it. NIAC will not oppose the House letter. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE?? Contact: Jamal Abdi??Phone: 202-386-6408??Email: jabdi@niacouncil.o... read more

Ukraine's ultra-right-wing Svoboda party is no fringe organization. By Conn Hallinan, March 4, 2014. Share   Print Svoboda demonstrating The April 6 rally in Cherskasy, a city 100 miles southeast of Kiev, turned violent after six men took off the... read more

Published time: March 04, 2014 22:18 Edited time: March 04, 2014 23:18         Get short URL Residents wait to receive food aid distributed by the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) at the besieged al-Yarmouk camp, south of Damascus on January 31, 2014, i... read more

Published on Mar 5, 2014David Swanson and Danny Postel debate whether the dire humanitarian situation in Syria justifies limited military intervention read more

Markey makes announcement at PNND reception at the historic Kennedy Caucus Room: PNND Assembly calls for High Level process for nuclear disarmament Senator Ed Markey, Co-President of Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament (PNND) introduced a bill into the U.S. Senate on Fri... read more

Published time: March 05, 2014 12:41 Edited time: March 05, 2014 16:45 Get short URL Download video (27.67 MB) Trends Ukraine turmoil The snipers who shot at protesters and police in Kiev were allegedly hired by Maidan leaders, according to a lea... read more

Monday, 03 March 2014 09:5| Report Larisa Epatko for PBS NewsHour / Flickr). Boy at hospital in Fallujah, Iraq. (Photo: Larisa Epatko for PBS NewsHour / Flickr)Fallujah doctors, residents and NGO workers accuse the Iraqi government of war crimes and crimes aga... read more

An elite unit shot a Palestinian activist at point-blank range dozens of times. He had received a summons and failed to appear. What should be the penalty? If the order was to escalate, the... read more

[Organizations denoted with * are affiliates of U.S. Labor Against the War.] This chant repeated again and again by tens of thousands in Raleigh on Feb. 8, 2014 energized and inspired all who rallied and marched up Fayetteville Street toward the North Carolina capitol. We were young and old, black,... read more

Suggestions that the Pentagon is proposing "dramatic" spending cuts in its fiscal year '15 budget request are wildly misleading. In fact, this spending request is larger than the fiscal year '14 budget that Congress passed in January. The actual budget is basically flat co... read more

March 04, 2014, 04:08 pm The Pentagon will request tens of billions of dollars in wartime funding for 2015, despite the expected end of U.S. combat operations in Afghanistan by December 2014.  The wartime funding, known as overseas contingency operations funding, is used to pay for op... read more

U.S. peace activist Medea Benjamin was detained Monday at Cairo's airport by Egyptian police without explanation. She says she was questioned, held overnight in an airport prison cell and then violently handcuffed by Egyptian officials, who dislocated her shoulder and broke her arm. She wa... read more

March 4, 2014 "I think we're going to do pretty well in the budget, sir."   That was Adm. William H. McRaven of the Special Operations Command, probably one of the few senior Pentagon officials who could say that to the House Armed Services Committee last Thursday about Presi... read more

Published on openDemocracy (  [1] 3 March 2014 Russia and the west have conspired to tear the country apart. Both sides must stand down now or face the consequences. We're now witnessing the consequences of how grossly... read more

Welcome Conventional wisdom in American politics focuses only on American costs in the war in Iraq: the casualties to U.S. soldiers, the financial costs, and sometimes the strategic costs. But the human cost to the Iraqis themselves are nearly ignored in political discourse, the news media, and more

Household survey records deaths from all war-related causes, 2003 to 2011. An Iraqi boy is seen through the broken window of a minibus targeted by a roadside bomb that killed two civilians and injured another 13 in Baghdad. PHOTOGRAPH BY AHMAD AL-RUBAYE, AFP/GETTY PUBLISHED OC... read more

Posted: Feb. 25, 2014 | Military & Security Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel/ Creative Commons image Yesterday Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel gave a major speech at the Pentagon, and a bold headline ran in The New York Times announcing that the Pentagon would ... read more

Published: July 2, 2012 E-mail the writer Why doesn't the Iraqi government seem to like us? Why won't Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki give better treatment to the U.S. government officials whose military freed Iraq from Saddam Hussein and whose employees now are trying... read more

Sunday, 19 January 2014 00:00 Op-Ed Civilians walk past the site of a car bomb explosion near the Technology University in Baghdad, Jan. 15, 2014. (Photo: Ayman Oghanna / The New York Times)After decades of war, Iraq is a divided and shattered country that seems as far away from peace as ever. ... read more

Posted: Feb. 25, 2014 | Military & Security Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel/ Creative Commons image Yesterday Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel gave a major speech at the Pentagon, and a bold headline ran in The New York Times announcing that the Pentagon would ... read more

THU FEB 27, 2014 AT 10:08 AM PST Stunning New Report on USS Reagan Radiation byJusticeSeeker68FollowforJusticeSeeker68 Email Harvey Wasserman, Common Dreams . . . A stunning new report indicates the U.S. Navy knew that sailors from the nuclear-powered USS Ronald Reagan... read more

  Video provided by Federation of Workers Councils and Unions in Iraq [Machine Translation from Arabic] Large demonstrations for oil workers in front of financial control in Basra Forward - Basra - 02/25/2014 Committee organized employees of the oil south magnify a demonstration in front more

  Feb 27, 2014 12:29 pm Bilal Tamimi being attacked by an Israeli soldier during demonstration in Nabi Saleh, May 2013. Photo by Tamimi Press, used in Amnesty Int'l report Amnesty International has released a stunning report saying that the read more

February 27, 2014 12:24 pm AFP Most years, the annual meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is a textbook exercise in lobbying muscle. After two days of speeches in a cavernous Washington conference hall the length of four football pitches, thousands of members of th... read more

February 24, 2014Once again, R2P - responsibility to protect - is being used as a pretext for attacking Syria. The propaganda that continues to flourish for war on Syria shows many Americans fail to understand the problems posed by "US Empire-building" believing it to be an altruistic force, topplin... read more

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (FY2014) Every hour, taxpayers in United States are paying $964,006 for F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (FY2014). $3,454,278,294 See more counters at read more

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The massive defense contractor shouldn't be allowed to fly under the radar.     There are real savings to be had in ending the F-35 program.  Feb. 20, 2014 Leave a Comment SHARE If you are paying attention to the Winter Olympics, you may have read about the embarrassing ... read more

FEB. 25, 2014 The Pentagon's proposals to reduce the Army to pre-World War II levels and modify some benefits for troops and retirees may seem unsettling to a nation that prides itself on having the world's most capable military. But these ideas, part of Defense Secretary Chuck Hage... read more

Tuesday, 25 February 2014
Secretary of State John Kerry confers with Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel during testimony on US military intervention in Syria before the Senate Foreign more

News Analysis President Barack Obama leaves his podium after addressing the nation on an agreement reached with Iran that would temporarily freeze Tehran's nuclear program and lay the foundation for a more sweeping accord, at the White House in Washington, more

The first is by George Kennan: We have about 50% of the world's wealth, but only 6.3% of its population. In this situation, we cannot fail to be the object of envy a... read more

Defense Contractors, Defense Communities: Get Ready To Tighten Your Belts
Reduced defense spending is coming to a community near you, whether you like it or fear it. Defense spending reductions projected for 2015 frighten my fellow contributor Loren Thompson, who writes "Weapons Cuts In 2015 Budget Leave Soldiers, Marines At Risk." I, however, am more

There's a growing effort to merge economic-justice and climate activism. Call it climate democracy. Wen Stephenson February 6, 2014   |    This article appeared in the February 24, 2014 edition of The Nation. (Reuters/Kevin Lamarque) It& more

 There is disagreement about the Latin phrase in the logo.  Does it mean liberator or oppressor?  I guess that's why they keep it darkly hidden.  Notice the arrows through the head above - a throwback to the killing of the Native Americans.  These a... read more

Pentagon To Propose Shrinking Army, Scrapping Some Jets: Report Reuters Posted: 02/23/2014 11:53 pm EST Updated: 02/24/2014 12:59 am EST WASHINGTON, Feb 23 (Reuters) - Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will propose on Monday a reduction in the size of the U.S. Army to its more

Published: February 23 E-mail the writer One of the four options President Obama is considering for a U.S. military presence in Afghanistan beyond this year would leave behind 3,000 troops, based in Kabul and at the American installation at Bagram, U.S. officials said. Military commanders more

Perspectives February 21, 2014   Rome lived upon its principal till ruin stared it in the face. Industry is the only true source of wealth, and there was no industry in Rome. By day the Ostia road was crowded with carts and muleteers, carrying to the great city the silks and spices of more

February 21, 2014 Everyone knows about the military-industrial complex, which, in his farewell address, President Eisenhower warned had the potential to "endanger our liberties or democratic process" but have you heard of the "Deep State?" Mike Lofgren, a former GOP more

February 18, 2014 Poet T.S. Eliot called April the cruelest month. Defense contractors would pick January. The Pentagon's contract awards dropped 66 percent from December to $8.44 billion, the lowest level in at least 22 months, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The previous low more

04-01-2014 In Iraq, at least 404 media professionals have been killed since the US invasion in 2003, among them 374 Iraqis, according to The BRussells Tribunal statistics. The impunity in Iraq is far worse than anywhere else in the world. Dr. Yasser Salihee (here with his wife Dr. more

February 20, 2014  Chief of Staff of the Free Syrian Army Gen. Salim Idris addresses the media, March 6, 2013 GEERT VANDEN WIJNGAERT — AP   REYHANLI, Turkey. The Syrian opposition, already divided deeply over a shakeup of its top military staff, formally has more

February 20, 2014 THE//INTERCEPT Abdullah Muhammad al-Tisi of Yakla holds a photo of his son Ali Abdullah Mohammed al-Tisi, who was killed in a US drone strike outside Rad`a, Yemen on December 12, 2013. 2013 Human Rights Watch A new report on the U.S. drone missile strike that more

Published on Feb 20, 2014 On Wednesday, February 19, WAND hosted journalist Robin Wright of the U.S. Institute for Peace and Kate Gould of the Friends Committee on National Legislation for a webinar discussing the ongoing negotiations regarding Iran's nuclear program. Robin and more

February 20, 2014 Much has been made of military compensation in recent months. Congress reduced, then quickly restored, cuts to the pensions of working-age retirees. Pentagon officials have talked repeatedly about the need to curb rapidly expanding pay and benefits costs, while military advocacy more

 02/24/2014 Continued look at affordability The debate over whether the Navy will be able to maintain its fleet of 11 nuclear aircraft carriers continues as the Pentagon prepares for its fiscal year 2015 budget roll-out, but cutting the fleet to 10 carriers would certainly have an impact on more

February 21, 2014 Fiscal year 2015 might be a rough year for acquisition programs despite the Bipartisan Budget Agreement raising the Defense Department's spending caps, making the joint Pentagon-Congress acquisition reform effort all the more significant, one defense analyst said. Arnold more

Friday, 21 February 2014 11:14Video Interview Protesters extend their barricades near Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine, February 21, 2014. (Photo: Sergey Ponomarev / The New York Times)A short-lived truce has broken down in Ukraine as street battles have erupted between anti-government more

Washington Post February 19, 2014 Poet T.S. Eliot called April the cruelest month. Defense contractors would pick January.   The Pentagon's contract awards dropped 66 percent from December, to $8.44 billion, the lowest level in at least 22 months, according to data compiled by more

Syria rebels reorganize, push for arms 15 Share to Facebook Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Add to PersonalPost Share via Email Print Article More Published: February 18 GAZIANTEP, Turkey. Syria's rebels are launching a new push to persuade the more

February 17, 2014 Nov. 8, 2013 - A rebel fighter fires an AK-47 during a battle against the Syrian army loyal to President Bashar Assad, in Aleppo, Syria. Citizen journalism image provided by Aleppo Media Center AMC which has been authenticated based on its contents and other AP more

February 17, 2014 "But they won't," one Insider said.  It's high time for Congress to agree to the Pentagon's request to close military bases, a whopping 91 percent of National Journal's National Security Insiders said. Lawmakers, even as they search for ways to cut spending, have more

January 23, 2014 Behold the most expensive weapons system in the world. If there were a Congressional Boondoggle Hall of Fame, the F-35 fighter jet program would surely merit entry. Officially the most expensive weapons system in history, the cost of manufacturing the jets has increased a more

14 Feb 2014, 10:14 AM EST196 President Barack Obama at the National Defense University in May 2013. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais) For nine years, the U.S. government refused to let a Stanford PhD student named Rahinah Ibrahim back in the country after putting her on the no-fly list more

February 16, 2014 If the U.S. must withdraw all forces from Afghanistan by the end of 2014, alternative sites will be needed for drone strikes on Pakistan targets. A new jet-powered drone called the Avenger could figure in plans to use bases outside Afghanistan because it could get to targets in more

Sunday 16 February 2014 Why was Karim Khan prevented from speaking out against drone warfare? Karim Khan is a lucky man. When you're picked up by 20 armed thugs, some in police uniform - aka the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)- you can be "disappeared" more

Posted: 02/15/2014 9:47 am EST Updated: 02/15/2014 12:59 pm EST   The Syrian War has already taken more than 130,000 lives. It is destroying a country that lies at the very cradle of civilization. Some of the world's greatest cultural treasures, in ancient heritage cities like Aleppo, more

JANUARY 14, 2014 SHARE ON FACEBOOKSHARE ON TWITTERSHARE ON GOOGLEMORE SHARING SERVICES3 We're Still There, But Thanks for Asking The angry, violent Sunni city of Fallujah in western Iraq was as "iconic" in George Bush's invasion as Bastogne in World War Two and more

Great Expectations  FEBRUARY 14, 2014 For the past three years, we have been bathed in pathos, hand-wringing, and garment-rending as the Pentagon faced declining budgets and the sequester cliff. But with the Ryan-Murray budget agreement for the next two years finalized last December and more

What's needed in Syria is not military intervention, but a global peace offensive. February 14, 2014. (Note: Rob Prince teaches at the Korbel School of International Studies. Although tangentially, he has been associated with the University of Denver's Center for Middle East more

  Yemen researcher says he received a death threat after investigating deadly wedding-convoy attack.   Hyder Iftikhar Abbasi Last updated: 12 Feb 2014 14:17     A photo of alleged victims killed in a December more

OpEdNews Op Eds 2/13/2014 at 19:10:22 (about the author)     Permalink       (Page 1 of 1 pages)   Source: Other Words After 10 years of this remote-control killing, the Obama more

The shooting down of a government plane outside Aleppo could mark a turning point in the conflict. "The problem is, once you set this genie out of the bag it is much harder to control," Bouckaert says. "There are very grave risks. It is the number-one weapon on the terrorist shopping list." more

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Afghanistan Experts Stumped By Simple Questions Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R., Calif.) had a simple question Wednesday for three of the Obama administration's top Afghanistan specialists: How many American troops have been killed in Afghanistan this year? None of the witnesses at the more

By John Lyons, Janine Cohen and Sylvie Le Clezio Updated February 12, 2014 11:02:00 Share Transcript Background Information Watch Video Stone Cold Justice (Sylvie Le Clezio) VIDEO: Interview with Yigal Palmor, Israel international spokesperson (Four Corners) more

The deadly consequences - and culpability - continue long after the last soldier leaves. February 13, 2014 Americans seem to believe that once the U.S. military exits a foreign country, its moral accountability ends. But the deadly consequences - and culpability - more


Feb. 11, 2014 - 03:45AM   |     A A US President Barack Obama with Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. (AFP/Getty Images) FILED UNDER World News Americas more

February 11, 2014, 04:12 pm Share on facebook148Share on twitter46Share on google_plusone_shareMore Sharing Services6Share on email  0 The United States is planning to step up training for Iraq forces as they battle a resurgent al Qaeda in the country, a U.S. official said Tuesda...<read more

[This is an excerpt from a much longer interview with the Iraq Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain al-Shahristani published in the Iraq Oil Report.  The full interview is available only by subscription.] About the Fallujah crisis, do you think that the Iraqi army is able to intervene more

02/12/14 Washington, D.C. - Days before talks on a permanent agreement between P5+1 countries and Iran are set to begin in Vienna, 104 Members of the US House of Representatives sent President Obama a bipartisan letter supporting continued diplomatic engagement with Iran. Representative Da... read more

Full news article Haifa conference declaration posted on Monday, 13 January, 2014 Declaration by the Haifa Conference for a Nuclear Weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone in the Middle East held in Haifa - Israel 5-6 December 2013 Frightened by the ... read more

February 13, 2014 Civilian U.S. intelligence agencies have provided unreliable and incomplete reports to Congress since 2011 on the use of private contractors who perform core functions, according to a new congressional audit. The limitations "hinder the ability to determine the extent& more

February 12, 2014 WASHINGTON _ Senior US officials and lawmakers are sending new signals that a fledgling cadre of military spies is a done deal, despite no real substantive public debate. The Pentagon last year proposed creation of the Defense Clandestine Service (DCS), saying the military ... read more

February 12, 2014 6:08 pm Jabhat al-Nusra has become one of the most effective, dangerous and popular groups battling the Assad regime Different tack: al-Nusra rebels in Aleppo through a smashed window To the west, al-Qaeda's avowed arm in Syria is a terrorist group and a dangerous th... read more

Health professions leadership stood in Iraq today stand vigil in front of the building of the Iraqi Ministry of health to meet the demands of the health professions and nursing and technology in Iraq and refusing to set up any committees or delay the Health Ministry two weeks give time to sit in all... read more

Video - Four Corners - ABC - Australia Posted February 11, 2014
The Israeli army is both respected and feared as a fighting force. But now the country's military is facing a backlash at home and abroad for its treatment of children in the West Ban... read more

Understanding Syria: From Pre_Civil War to Post-Assad
How drought, foreign meddling, and long-festering religious tensions created the tragically splintered Syria we know today. DEC 10 2013, 1:30 PM ET   Free Syrian Army fighters walk along a street in Deir al-Zor that has been scarred by war. (Khalil Ashawi/Reuters)  Wi... read more

February 11, 2014, 03:12 pm The House on Tuesday approved legislation to reverse a $6 billion cut to military pensions that Congress passed just weeks earlier. Members passed S. 25,  a federal land use bill that was picked by House GOP leaders as a vehicle to quickly approve the military pens... read more


Monday, 10 February 2014 12:32 By Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! In the first expose' for their new venture, First Look Media's digital journal The Intercept, investigative journalists Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald reveal the National Security Agency is using complex analysis ... read more February 9, 2014 There are new developments coming this week in a story CBS News has been reporting on since last spring. A mysterious lung illness is affecting veterans who were exposed to open burn pits, which the U.S. military used in Iraq and Afghanistan to torch everything from bat... read more

Originally posted at The Hampton Institute Part 1: Political Language and the 'Mafia Principles' of International Relations Part 2: Barack Obama's Global Terror Campaign Obama's global terror campaign is not only dependent upon his drone assassinatio... read more

A giant military doesn't make the American people safer.   October 21, 2013   The idea of U.S. "national security" seems inextricably entangled with the notion of "military supremacy."  Over the past 15 years, this has served to rationalize  the most expens... read more

Contacts:  Ellen Grady, Ithaca Catholic Worker, Ithaca NY, (607) 279-8303 Elliott Adams, Past President of Veterans for Peace, Sharon Springs NY, (518) 441-2697 Carol Baum, Syracuse Peace Council, Syracuse NY, (315) 472-5478, (315) 383-5738  All found guilty of  disord... read more

February 8, 2014 US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel speaks in Munich on Feb. 1. Allies are questioning America's commitment to their regions in the wake of the Asia 'pivot.'   (US Defense Department) WARSAW _ It has been more than two years since the Obama administration announced the US ... read more

Sunday, 19 January 2014 00:00 Op-Ed Civilians walk past the site of a car bomb explosion near the Technology University in Baghdad, Jan. 15, 2014. (Photo: Ayman Oghanna / The New York Times)After decades of war, Iraq is a divided and shattered country that seems as far away from peace as ever. ... read more

Here's What's Troubling American Troops in One Chart
It's about 'combat experiences,' not length of deployment By Mark Thompson @MarkThompson_DCFeb. 04, 2014 This Army graph makes crystal clear what many U.S. troops, and their loved ones, have long suspected: the more combat events they experience, the more mental-health pro... read more

Chiefs Also Concerned Over al-Qaida's Growing Strength Feb. 4, 2014 - 06:22PM   |   By PAUL McLEARY Civilians react following a reported airstrike Satu... read more

September 24, 2013, 01:56 p It was prepared by Stimson's 17-member defense advisory committee, which includes  "two former vice chairmen of the Joint Chiefs, a former Air Force chief and a former chief of naval operations. Adopting this new strategy and making the corresponding ad... read more

 | ???? | ????? niqash | Ahmad al-Rubaie | Baghdad | 06.02.2014 An oil refinery in Basra - Baghdad says it is the only body that can sell oil.... read more

Published: Saturday 8 February 2014 Hey no problem, war is just another violent game we love to play. A Budweiser commercial during the Super Bowl, that annual celebration of violence as sport, featured a most joyous homecoming for a U.S. veteran of the Afghan War. It was a fitting tribute to th... read more

February 6, 2014: A new law passed by Iraqi MPs to raise retirement benefits for civil servants is drawing criticism amid accusations politicians will use a loophole to secure lavish benefits for themselves. The i... read more bravenewfilms  New 8:18 minute video from Brave New Films The Jet that Ate the Pentagon, features insights from industry and defense experts who discuss some of the program's fatal flaws, including the extraordinary costs of the F-35, critical design faili... read more

Preface I've known Fred Hirsch since the early 1960s. He and his wife Ginny were the spark plugs for the Santa Clara Friends of SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee); I was SNCC's Bay Area "field secretary." We worked closely on a variety of SNCC events; Fred ... read more February 6, 2014 WASHINGTON: "We are going to have to do some series of things that previously were unimaginable, OK? So we're going to have to re-adjust our imagination. We've simply chosen not to," Rep. Adam Smith, the top Democrat on the House Armed ... read more

09.12.2013  IndustriALL general secretary Jyrki Raina delivered this message to the Iraqi Ambassador to the UN in Geneva today. It is the latest stage of on-going dialogue with the Iraqi authorities to ensure an urgent passing of ILO-compliant labour and trade union legislation in the coun... read more

Mr Osama Al Najafi Speaker of the Parliament  Mr Unadem Kana Chairman of Parliament Committee of Labour and Social Affairs  Parliament of Iraq Baghdad, Iraq Labour and Trade Union Laws in Iraq Dear Sirs,  I am again writing to you on behalf of IndustriAll Global Union, which repres... read more

  14.11.2013  For the past 10 years unions in Iraq have mobilized and campaigned for the government to pass a new labour and trade union law. Today, the 1987 Saddam Hussein-era laws remain in effect and are actively enforced. They prevent unions from carrying out normal union activity.... read more

06.02.2014  Unions in Iraq, with the IndustriALL_affiliated Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions (IFOU) at the forefront; continue to demand that Parliament passes fair labour & trade union legislation before their current session ends in June. Oil workers are considering further action in s... read more

A month ago, the president was on the outs_even among Democrats. Today, he's quelled critics and getting his chance to make negotiations work. Even the sponsor of the sanctions bill, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert Menendez, D-N.J., is noncommittal about wheth... read more February 3, 2014 The Pentagon's 2015 budget is likely to contain such belt_tightening proposals as reducing active-duty pay raises and housing allowances and instituting fees for Tricare for Life, officials told a Senate panel Thursday.   Saying the Defense Department ... read more

What role have Zionism and Christian Zionism played in shaping attitudes and driving historical developments in the Middle East and around the world? How do Christians, Jews, and Muslims understand the competing claims to the land of Palestine and Israel? What steps can be taken to bring peace, re... read more

Washington Post February 4, 2014 The statement seals a rift with the most radical group fighting in both Syria and Iraq   BEIRUT _ Al-Qaeda formally dissociated itself from its onetime affiliate in Iraq and Syria on Monday, culminating months of feuding and exposing the dwindling influen... read more

The Pentagon's PR War Against SIGAR February 4, 2014 Last week, USA Today reporter Tom Vanden Brook revealed that commanders of U.S. forces in Afghanistan are deploying an aggressive public relations strategy against the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction... read more

The Progressive Honor Roll of 2013 We celebrate these heroes both for their accomplishments of the past year and their determination to do even more in 2014. John Nichols  December 18, 2013   |    MOST VALUABLE EDUCATION OF CONGRESS: PDA's_... read more

8:02am, January 16, 2014.Follow TomDispatch on Twitter @TomDispatch. [Note for TomDispatch Readers in or around New York City: On Friday, January 17th at 7 pm, Nick Turse will be discussing his bestselling book, Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam (... read more

Karbala, Iraq, Feb. 4, 2014 Dear Friends,
As far as the eye could see, cars, trucks, and buses were lined up, 4 and 5 abreast, trying to get through the single-lane checkpoint into Karbala.   I would learn later that the night before Iraqi government forces attacked the nearby Sunni city... read more February 3, 2014 Two recent reports from Foreign Policy reveal that there is routine corruption at the Defense Department and that it even extends to covering up evidence of war crimes. First, from Gordon Lubold, an article based on a July 2013 report compiled by the Defense Department... learn more

For Immediate Release  February 4, 2014 Contact:   Chris Ford, Pentagon Budget Campaign 202-289-721... learn more This infographic provides some statistics about Israel's systematic violations of the human rights of Palestinian children. The Electronic Intifada&rsq... learn more

February 4, 2014   WASHINGTON_Hundreds of contractors working for America's biggest defense companies are taking on a broader role in helping Iraq's military learn to use new weapons in a growing battle against Islamist insurgents.   Over the next few months, the U.S. government is e... learn more

February 4, 2014 Soldiers received bonuses for persuading friends to sign up during Iraq, Afghanistan wars   WASHINGTON _ More than 800 soldiers are under criminal investigation for gaming a National Guard program that paid hundreds of millions in bonuses to soldiers who persuaded friend... read more

  Cadets of The United States Military Academy prepare to take their seats for a graduation and commissioning ceremony May 26, 2012 in West Point, New York.(Lee Celano/Getty Images) February 4, 2014 Don't be surprised that the military is starting to focus more on ethics ... read more

UUP Delegate Assembly voted yesterday, Feb 3, to adopt the following resolution (there are no "whereas" clauses): Resolved that UUP reaffirms its opposition to military action against Iran and reaffirms its support for continuing diplomatic initiatives to arrive at a resolution of the dispute regar... read more

World Beyond War is a global nonviolent movement to fully end the institution of war and establish a just and sustainable peace.   We're officially launching on September 21, 2014, the International Day of Peace in the centennial of the war to end all wars. We believe the time as... read more

Basra Governor Majid al-Nasrawi (right) at his home in Basra meeting with Iraqi Parliament Speaker Usama Nujaifi on Jan. 18. (Source: Basra Governorate) By ALI ABU IRAQ AND BEN LANDO of Iraq Oil ReportPublished Thursday, January 23rd, 2014   BASRA - Majid al-Nasrawi ... read more

JANUARY 31, 2014 | 5 COMMENTS DEFENSE DEPARTMENT More than half of Americans believe the United States has mostly failed to achieve its goals with the war in Afghanistan, according to a poll released Thursday. The USA Today/Pew Research Center poll is a stark contrast to one rele... read more February 3, 2014 by Rep. Ron Paul, coc Appearing last week before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified that he could not say the threat from al-Qaeda is any less today than it was ten years ago. It was a shocking admission... read more

POLICYWATCH 2201   Also available in ??????? January 29, 2014 Concerned about the possible drift of al-Qaeda affiliates to areas adjacent to the Golan Heights border, Israel finds itself obliged to increase its assistance to local rebel militias in southern Syria. As the fig... read more

January 27, 2014 riday, December 27, 2013 B61 nuclear bombs (photo: Department of Defense) Defense officials in the Obama administration were more than a little off when they told Congress the cost of maintaining the nation's nuclear weapons arsenal over the next 10 years. Th... read more

February 01, 2014 Region: Middle East & North Africa In-depth Report: IRAQ REPORT   "The greatest crime since World War II has been U.S. foreign policy." (Former US Attorney General, Ramsey Clark, b 1927.) As outlined by Felicity Arbuthnot in this... read more

Syndicated News   Posted 2014-02-01 07:22 GMT LONDON -- The Iraqi government has hired a law firm to target any buyer of what it considers illegally exported Kurdish crude oil, a Baghdad official said, toughening its tactics in a struggle to halt the northern region's drive for economic ... read more

January 28, 2014 Last week, the Department of Justice announced it had joined a whistleblower lawsuit accusing Kellogg, Brown & Root Services Inc. (KBR) and two of its Kuwaiti subcontractors of corruption on an Iraq logistics services contract. The lawsuit alleges KBR and Kuwait... read more

January 30, 2014 When investigations find that foreign ministries cannot be trusted to safeguard American aid funds, that aid is directed elsewhere, right? Not so, according to a recent report on United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funds in Afghanistan. In a ... read more

Download in PDF U.S. LABOR AGAINST THE WAR January 11-12, 2014 _ Washington, DC The following decisions were made: INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY: USLAW will continue to provide solidarity support to the Iraqi labor movement, organize defense of its victims of government and employer repressio... read more

Having trouble reading this email? View it in your browser.   Rebecca Tumposky reports on the high stakes battle in Washington over the Iran negotiations as the P5+1-Iran interim agreement takes effect, stressing that further diplomatic progress is crucial for de-e... read more

This article is a joint publication of Foreign Policy In Focus and In 2006, a visitor to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England accidentally became an artwork. Let's call him Dude Descending a Staircase in honor of that merry prankster Marcel Du... read more

Ed Kinane, CLOSING STATEMENT, Charges: trespass & disorderly conduct, Trial of the "Hancock 17," Judge David S. Gideon presiding, De Witt, NY Town Court, 31 January 2014 Good evening Judge Gideon, prosecutor Mc Namara, court staff, our many supporters here, and my fellow defendants. I want to than... read more

Closing Argument presented on Janurary 31, 2014, by Judith Bello on trial as of those who protested at Hancock Air Base in New York State on October 25, 2012 I would like to begin, Judge Gideon, by thanking you for your attention to our unique argument, and support for our learning process with reg... read more

The National Priorities Project is affiliated with the New Priorities Project, which USLAW helped to found.  NPP is a phenomenal resource that brings the cost of militarism and empire right down to the community level.   [ read more

January 30, 2014 REUTERS - Masked Sunni Muslim gunmen take their positions with their weapons during a patrolin Ramadi, 62 miles west of Baghdad, Jan. 28, 2014. Iraqi government forces battling al Qaeda-linked militants intensified air strikes and artillery fire on the Sunni city of Ramadi on Monda... read more

Oil workers protest outside the headquarters of the South Oil Company in Basra on April 6, 2013. (ALI ABU IRAQ/Iraq Oil Report) Published Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 BASRA - Unions representing the oil sector and other Iraqi workers are pressing Parliament to pass labor and union laws before t... read more

Workers adjust a valve at the Rumaila oil field in Basra province in this May 24, 2010 file photo. (ATEF HASSAN/Reuters) Published Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 BASRA - In the final months of 2013, Basra's security forces and oil industry faced a series of challenges unseen in their ferocity and su... read more

The Green Shadow Cabinet has responded to the 2014 State of the Union address with a critique of the policies, priorities and omissions made by President Barack Obama on Tuesday night. The following articles represent an alternative set of principles and policies that acknowledge and address critic... read more

Proclamation of Latin America and Caribbean as a zone of peace (Original signed by the Heads of State and Governmenent of the Community of Latin American and Caribbeans States) The Heads of State and Government of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) gathered in Havana, Cuba... read more

January 29, 2014 Drone strikes in Pakistan The Bureau is today publishing a leaked official document that records details of over 300 drone strikes, including their locations and an assessment of how many people died in each incident. The document is the fullest official record of drone strikes i... read more

Issue 13: Alive in the Sunshine Gulf StatesAny reversal of neoliberalism in the Middle East would require challenging powerful Gulf States. A striking feature of virtually all political developments in the Arab world today is the pivotal role of the six states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GC... read more

3:52pm EST WASHINGTON (Reuters) - More than 7,000 foreign militants are fighting for the rebels in Syria's civil war and some are being trained to return home and conduct attacks, U.S. spy chiefs told lawmakers on Wednesday. The estimate, given at a Senate intelligence hearing, was much higher than ... read more

January 28, 2014 The Full Employment Caucus is formed amidst a cry for the President to address growing income inequality and as Democrats in Congress push for an increase to the federal minimum wage.Congressional Black Caucus members John Conyers (D-MI) and Frederica Wilson (D-FL) are forming th... read more

TUESDAY, JANUARY 28, 2014 Defenc(s)e analysis from my corner of the Internet. For years, independent experts and a small number of other people have warned us about the risks of the F-35 program. This is not an "I told you so" event. It is a mention that just because someone doesn't like negative... read more

Word on the street is that the president's fiscal 2015 budget request will include a description of some $26 billion worth of items that the Pentagon couldn't fit under its spending caps but that are nonetheless real priorities that should be funded if additional money can be found. In other w... read more

Snowden-Interview in English (Exclusive on German Television 01/26/2014) from Anonymous News on Vimeo. read more

JAN. 25, 2014 KABUL, Afghanistan - It was the kind of dossier that the Taliban often publish, purporting to show the carnage inflicted during a raid by American forces: photographs of shattered houses and bloodied, broken bodies, and video images of anguish at a village funeral, all with gut-... read more Jan.  25 marks the third anniversary of the Egyptian people taking to the streets to occupy Tahrir Square, in the heart of Cairo, to demand bread, freedom and social justice.  For more than two weeks, th... read more

January 23, 2014 America's Army of Contractors Hasn't Gone Anywhere. They Just Work for The Iraqi Government The Pentagon says the last of its defense contractors left Iraq in December, just weeks before portions of the increasingly violent country were conquered al-Qaeda. There's a catch, however... read more

January 23rd, 2014 (280 views) Above: Photograph from the report on torture and killing of prisoners in Syria. The report by former war crimes prosectors alleges the Syrian regime has tortured 11,000 prisoners. The claim is credible, but don't forget the agenda. See the report o... read more

Some of the same commentators who say the Senate proposal will guarantee an agreement sticks have already declared a diplomatic deal will never work and that war is the only option. Jan 23 2014, 12:21 PM ET Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, President Hassan Rouhani, and aide Moham... read more January 22, 2014 The history of Pentagon spending is rife with examples in which programs have been saved from the budget cutter's axe because of the jobs associated with them.  From the revival of the B-1 bomber in the 1980s to the current effort to keep the M-1 tank line... read more

posted on Monday, 13 January, 2014 Declaration by the Haifa Conference for a Nuclear Weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone in the Middle East held in Haifa - Israel 5-6 December 2013 Frightened by the immediate threat of another catastrophic war in the Middle East, with its resources t... read more

Stars and Stripes January 20, 2014 By Slobodan Lekic NATO's former top military commander has warned that the widening sectarian conflict in Syria and Iraq could engulf a broader region in the Middle East, just as the religious wars in Europe did in the 16th and 17th centuries. James Stavr... read more

USLAW's New Year Resolution   DEMILITARIZING OUR ECONOMY AND FOREIGN POLICY Our New Year's Resolution (and we hope it is yours as well) . . . To redouble our efforts to achieve these goals. Your continuing support will make that... read more

The US is now maintaining the largest military in the history of the world-all over the world.  In some 120 other countries, a majority of the countries on the planet, the US is maintaining between 700 and 1000 military bases (depending on what definition is used to define a US military install... read more

  Defense News January 20, 2013 Acquisition Mumbo Jumbo Reform Programs Miss the Real Problem For the last two years Congress and the public repeatedly heard why the Pentagon's latest effort at acquisition reform was going to work. Don't bet on it. Wordsmithing the paperwork wo... read more

by Kristina Wong, The Hill January 14, 2014, 05:37 pm The Pentagon and the defense industry came out of the $1 trillion omnibus spending bill as a big winner, experts and lawmakers said Tuesday, a day after the bill was released.  "The big winner is the Defense Department. Th... read more

AFL-CIO and ITUC Challenge Iraqi Governmenton Labor Rights       From the day the dictatorship fell, Iraqi workers have demanded the right to organize their own unions, free of government interference. They have demanded all of the rights established by the International... read more

Support the Labor Movement in Iraq   Donate to the USLAW Iraq Labor Solidarity Fund   Show your support for the emerging labor movement in Iraq by donating to the Iraqi Labor Solidarity Fund.  Funds will be used to support the labor movement in Iraq and to support USLAW's... read more

Pentagon report rips Texas F-35 fighter jet plant Published: October 2, 2013 Updated 2 hours ago   E-MAILPRINT The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II lifts off during testing at California's Edwards Air Force Base on March 19, 2013. It may be hard to imagine that life a... read more

America's Chronic Overreaction to Terrorism   The country's capacity for self-inflicted damage must have astounded even Osama bin Laden. June 28, 2014, will mark the 100th anniversary of what is arguably the most eventful terrorist attack in history. That was the ... read more

Iraq's Oil Workers Walk Off Drilling Rigs and Take to the Streets

Thursday, 19 December 2013 00:00
Iraqi oil workers in the Rumaila field. (Photo: David Bacon)
Iraqi oil workers in the Rumaila field. (Photo: David Bacon)

Iraqi oil workers are the backbone of the industry that produces most of their country's wealth. And since the US  invasion and fall of Saddam Hussein, they've also organized its strongest and most vocal union. They've shut their industry down in the past, successfully challenging Halliburton during the US occupation and forcing it to leave Iraq. To try to stop Iraq's government from signing unfavorable contracts virtually handing over the oil to foreign transnational corporations, they shut off the oil spigots again after the US withdrew. Now it looks as though another shutdown is looming. On December 10, more than 3,000 angry oil workers surrounded the headquarters of the Southern Oil Company (SOC)in Basra.    [more]

Nelson Mandela


(18 July 1918 – 5 December 2013)

- more -




All charges against Iraqi oil union leader dismissed

- more -

Disaster in the Philippines -
How You Can Help

Typhoon Haiyan (known in the Philippines as Typhoon Yolanda) will go down as one of the deadliest and most destructive weather events ever recorded - a surge, very high winds and torrential rains. The Philippine people need urgent assistance - here are ways about how you can help. -

See more at:

The Time Has Come for a Smarter Pentagon Budget

We wonder why . . . .

Antiwar Mobilization Thwarts Syria Attack
— for now!

Demanding the right to

Iraqis and U.S. military veterans are coming together to hold the U.S. government accountable for the lasting effects of war and to demand the right to heal.

A decade after the U.S. invaded Iraq, U.S. veterans, Iraqi human rights organizations and their allies launched a joint initiative, Right to Heal. Together, they are demanding that the human rights impacts of the war in Iraq be assessed and that concrete action be taken towards rehabilitation and reparations for those impacted by the lasting effects of the war.

Sign the Petition

to demand a hearing and for more information, go to:

VICTORY!! International solidarity works!!!

Iraq drops charges against oil union leader


USLAW, Solidarity Center, Iraq Civil Society Solidarity Initiative
Joint Statement

IndustriALL interview with Hassan Juma'a Awad, President of the Iraq Federation of Oil Unions (posted May 31, 2013)

Ten years of war, ten years of struggle:
A USLAW statement and appeal on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq and founding of USLAW

TEN YEARS of war, protest and struggle

Today, March 19th, 2013, marks ten years since the U.S. illegally attacked, invaded and occupied Iraq - a nation that had not attacked us or posed any threat to our security.

It has also been ten years since the world rose up to proclaim its opposition to a threatened war in Iraq, as tens of millions of people poured into the streets of dozens of cities across the globe in what was the largest political demonstration in recorded history. 

Bush and his co-conspirators did not heed the will of the people because they were listening to other voices - of oil and other corporate executives, generals, arms manufacturers, their lobbyists, and their wealthy patrons, political cronies and privileged friends.  

Greed, hubris, arrogance and empire spoke louder than millions of people in the streets.


Last Letter
to George Bush and Dick Cheney
from a Dying Veteran

You may evade justice but in our eyes you are each guilty of egregious war crimes, of plunder and, finally, of murder, including the murder of thousands of young Americans— my fellow veterans —whose future you stole.

March 19, 2003

Construction of a lie to justify a crime

    Bradley Manning:
Incarcerated and on trial for his life for unmasking war crimes while those who committed the crimes live in luxury, enjoying the privileges of their class and wealth.

We won't get to Prosperity Street
by taking the Austerity Road!

Congressional Progressive Caucus  Introduces

Focus on jobs and restarting the economy,
not deficits and cuts to social programs

CPC has plan to put America back to work

"....(T)he only thing the progressive caucus and Mr. Ryan share is audacity. And it’s refreshing to see someone break with the usual Washington notion that political “courage” means proposing that we hurt the poor while sparing the rich...." [Paul Krugman]

Learn More

Tenth Anniversary
of the Illegal and Immoral Invasion/Occupation of Iraq
So we'll never forget . . . .

Those whose lies led to war are war criminals who ought to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

America's Mystery Man in Iraq

"The Pentagon sent a US veteran of the "dirty wars" in Central America to oversee sectarian police commando units in Iraq that set up secret detention and torture centres to get information from insurgents. These units conducted some of the worst acts of torture during the US occupation and accelerated the country's descent into full-scale civil war."*

We're starting to figure out why the government pursued Bradley Manning so aggressively. Now, thanks to an investigation by the Guardian and BBC Arabic shows, we know our direct connection to Iraqi Torture centers and death squads. What atrocities happened, and how many innocents are dead? Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

View the Guardian/BBC Video

F-35 Fighter Jet
Boondoggle Supreme

Wealth Inequality in the U.S. -
The Shocking Facts Revealed

Developed by the National Priorities Project (

inequality by the numbers

Wealth distributional changes

 Stat of the Week

Taxpayers in the top 1 percent of America’s top 1 percent all grabbed at least $7.97 million in 2011 income. In a nation of over 158 million households, analyst David Cay Johnston points out, these 15,837 uber-rich households took in 39 cents out of every $1 in increased income Americans collected over the two years after 2009.

Catastrophic Pentagon cuts?
Not really!

February 15, 2003 - A global day of protest remembered

Tens of millions worldwide took to the streets seeking to prevent the illegal invasion of Iraq - the largest demonstration in human history!


We Are Many - The Biggest Protest In History

This is the trailer for the anti-war protest which took place globally on the 15th February 2003. Filmmaker Amir Amirani wants to document this truly incredible event but needs your donation to make it happen?

Were you there? Do you want to be involved and make a difference? The film is not yet fully funded! Back the film: Donate now via JustGiving at

Join the community and share your stories at

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