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Halliburton Subsidiary Is Accused of Bias
by Jonathan D. GlaterNew York Times
November 29th, 2003
November 29, 2003    Five black veterans have accused Kellogg Brown & Root, a subsidiary of Halliburton, of engaging in racial discrimination.     One of the men, a 21-year veteran of the Marines, contended in an arbitration filing ...

Worrisome Echoes of Vietnam in Iraq
by Gordon LivingstonBaltimore Sun
November 29th, 2003
Published on Friday, November 28, 2003 by the Baltimore Sun     BAGHDAD (Nov. 21) - More than a dozen rockets fired from donkey carts slammed into Iraq's Oil Ministry and two hotels Friday - attacks dismissed by a U.S. general as "militarily ...

Saddam's backers to be denied contracts
by Nicholas PelhamFinancial Times
November 29th, 2003
WORLD NEWS:   Baghdad  Financial Times; Nov 29, 2003    Businessmen seeking to win contracts in Iraq will be vetted for ties to the former regime, Ahmad Chalabi, a prominent member of the US-appointed interim Governing Council said in ...

Bush's Decision to Invade Iraq Happened Days after September 11th, Despite His Assertions to the Contrary
November 29th, 2003
October 6, 2003 | MoveOn.Org  Daily Mislead Archive    President Bush's decision to attack Saddam Hussein was made within days after the September 11th suicide hijackings, even though Bush claimed on the eve of his invasion "the American ...

Bush's Iraq visit a pre-election PR stunt: analysis.
Australian Broadcasting Company
November 29th, 2003
29/11/2003. ABC News Online     Last Update: Saturday, November 29, 2003. 1:13am (AEDT)    US President George W Bush holds a Thanksgiving turkey for US troops stationed at Baghdad International Airport. (AFP)     Bush's Iraq ...

U.S. Is Worried Foe Is Tracking Targets in Iraq
by Thom ShankerNY Times
November 29th, 2003
November 29, 2003  SPYING     WASHINGTON, Nov. 28 ? Bush administration officials are increasingly concerned that anti-American forces in Iraq are using simple but effective means to monitor activities and coordinate attacks against the ...

Ex-Iraqi General Dies During Interrogation
Mercury News/AP
November 29th, 2003
Associated Press    BAGHDAD, Iraq - A former Iraqi general died while under American   interrogation, the U.S. military said Thursday.    Maj. Gen. Abed Hamed Mowhoush, an air defense general captured Oct. 5 in a   raid near the ...

Intelligence Weaknesses Are Cited
by Walter PincusWashington Post
November 29th, 2003
Washington Post Staff Writer  Saturday, November 29, 2003; Page A18       More than 10 years' work by U.S. and British intelligence agencies on Iraq's chemical, biological and nuclear weapons or programs has "major gaps and serious ...

A Prisoner Of Panic After 9/11
by Michael PowellWashington Post
November 29th, 2003
Washington Post Staff Writer  Saturday, November 29, 2003; Page A01     BATAVIA, N.Y. -- Benamar Benatta sits in a whitewashed cell, lost in a post-Sept. 11 world.    Jailed the night of the attacks on the World Trade Center and ...

November Deadliest Month in Iraq
by Bradley GrahamWashington Post
November 29th, 2003
Washington Post Staff Writer  Saturday, November 29, 2003; Page A14     More U.S. troops have died in Iraq in November than in any month since the war began in March, according to Defense Department figures.    With November nearly ...

Dec 10 International Human Rights Day/Union Freedom Of Association Day In US
November 29th, 2003
AFL-CIO statement:  Dec. 10-I'll Be There!    To Find Out Where Actions Will Be Taking Place 

2nd Appeal from the Union of the Unemployed in Iraq- UUI
Union of the Unemployed in Iraq
November 29th, 2003
Please Distribute Widely    Appeal from the Union of the Unemployed in Iraq- UUI     We condemn the arrest of Qasim Hadi, leader of the Union of the Unemployed in Iraq-UUI and Adil Salih, member of the leading committee of UUI by the US ...

Families of troops head to Baghdad on peace mission
by Michelle MorganteGlobal Exchange/AP
November 29th, 2003
Associated Press Writer Thursday,  November 27, 2003, San Diego, AP    Michael Lopercio is going to Iraq to hear for himself how  ordinary Iraqis feel about the war. Anabelle Valencia  hopes to see her son and daughter who are Army ...

Urgent Appeal to All Trade unions and Supportive Organizations
by Dashty JamalUnion of the Unemployed in Iraq
November 29th, 2003
This is an urgent letter to: all Trade Unions and supportive organisations      From: Unemployed Union of Iraq British Representative      We seek your support in making our demand for the immediate release of the Secretary of the ...

Solidarity with the victims in Miami
Swedish Trade union for Local Government Officers
November 29th, 2003
From: SKTF Sthlm <sktfsthlm@mac.com>     Swedish Trade Union for Local Government Officers (SKTF)   Stockholm County Council   November 24th of November 2003 ...

Bush's Iraq Visit a Pre-Election PR Stunt
Agence France-Presse
November 28th, 2003
November 28, 2003, Agence France-Presse (AFP)    "Electoral raid on Baghdad" read the caustic headline in the left-wing Paris  daily Liberation which summed up European newspaper editorial reaction to President George W Bush's Thanksgiving ...

Clark's True Colors
by Matt TaibbiCommon Dreams/The Nation
November 28th, 2003
columnist for New York Press.  Published on Friday, November 28, 2003 by The Nation    You can see something in the eyes of most all the Democratic candidates:   the pugnacity of Howard Dean, the idealism of Dennis Kucinich, even ...

Reservists mobilized for Iraq, Afghanistan
November 28th, 2003
WASHINGTON (CNN) --Troops and their families and employers will soon find out if they will be affected by the Pentagon's latest mobilization of 17,000 reservists for duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.    In addition those mobilized Wednesday, ...

Telling the truth won't set you free
by Robert FiskSeattle Post-Intelligencer
November 28th, 2003
SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER    Thursday, November 27, 2003    By ROBERT FISK  BRITISH COLUMNIST    In Iraq, they are just numbers, bloodstains on a road. But in the little town of Madison, Wis., last week, they were all ...

Grumbling against America Grows in Police Stations
by Patrice ClaudeLe Monde
November 28th, 2003
Le Monde   Thursday 27 November 2003     Lieutenant-Colonel Mohammed Hachem Al-Moussawi has the Baraka. October 16 at 6:30AM, he discovers a 44 lb. TNT charge on his landing. Deactivation: the house is saved. Eleven days later, ...

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